Sweet Freaks Chocolate - Personal Chef Services - Chicago, IL
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 The chocolate shop has been open just over 3 years, and we have enjoyed meeting so many of our neighbors and truly appreciate all the support from friends and family.  In trying to improve our own quality of life, we are changing the way we cater with the following options:
  •  Intimate dinner parties, you plan the menu and Pat makes it happen. Sweet Freaks can help with suggestions with a diverse and delicious selection of menu styles to choose from.
  • Pat offers personal chef services to couples and families who are pressed when it comes to planning or preparing dinner. It starts by meeting with  you the client, assessing household eating habits, likes and dislikes. From there, Pat does all of the grocery shopping for the meals and brings his own pots, pans, food processor, utensils and cooking spices, using only your stove and oven for cooking  He is usually cleaned upand gone by 5 p.m. Leaving you with packaged meals and instructions for preparing.