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We are moving to a new location
Summer 2017.
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Platter Pretzels, Bites, Cookies - Chocolate Heaven your Chocolate Stewards can put together any combo
Simple Platter - $25
Classic Platter - $80
 Hand Dipped Pretzel Trays
12 Mini Jakes
24 Mini Jakes
25 Pretzels - $35
30 Dipped Licorice
50 Dipped Licorice
50 Pretzels - $65
10 Hand Dipped Pretzels
20 Cookies
100 Pretzels - $120
20 Hand Dipped Pretzels
18 Double Chocolate Truffles
Hello - my name is Pat Murphy and I have loved creating delicious meals since I was eight and made apple pancakes for my parents. I trained professionally here in Chicago in the early 1990's and have worked all over the country. Since 2002, I have been working on creating chocolate treats. The handmade chocolate recipes and combinations are inspired by at least two influences. The first, my desire for better tasting chocolate and the second, creative suggestions from family, friends and customers. The result is Sweet Freaks Chocolates and Catering.
The Candy
At Sweet Freaks, each of our creations are handmade with the highest quality ingredients. Our delicious Truffles are sinfully rich. We use premium chocolate as a base and then infuse flavors such as raspberry or lemon to create our creamy centers. Our Truffles are then coated in mini chocolate chips, chocolate, or crushed nuts.....the combinations are mouth-watering! We have Double Chocolate, Coffee, Lemon & Orange Sorbet truffles. Plus, Grand Marnier infused Truffles, Jagaer Truffles coated in Premium Chocolate, Irish Creme Truffles, Chambord Truffles. Our Jakes start with creamy caramel made from scratch. First, pecans are laid on a bed of milk chocolate, then a generous dollop of our delicious handmade caramel covers the pecans and finally the caramel is covered by more milk chocolate.
Thanks for visiting my website - Pat Murphy
Truffles, Jakes, and Strawberries
Double Chocolate 
from  $1.75
$1.50 each
for little dippers
$2.50 each for large stem on berries
Strawberries from the produce market may not be up to our standards.
 If this is the case, we will let you know.
Other Sweet Combinations Include:
Cherry Bites dipped in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Cashew Bark,Dark Chocolate with Cranberries Bark, Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, Pretzels dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles, Solid Chocolate Suckers, Salted Caramels, Sugar Cookies with Lemon Icing, Peanut Butter Balls, Mint Non Pareils.... the list goes on!
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Why do you call yourselves chocolate stewards?  We call ourselves stewards because we love to take care in creating surprisingly delicious chocolate treats.
How can I place an order? You can't, at least to we open in our new location soon. Check in on Facebook- Sweet Freaks Chocolates. Please do not place orders online or via social media.Orders are only taken by our "live" people.